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I've recently started running Eversion Any% and got a question on the rules for it.

Is it legit to use a prepared save data in which all gems are collected before starting the run for Any% categories?
Now the 1st runner of "Any% True Ending" category using the gem-collected data, but it seems to be classified as like New Game+ imo.

I would appreciate if edited rules to clarify it or created a new category like New Game+ and the record would be moved under it.

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Hi! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Since this game has been relatively small and under-runned, I don't think the rules were ever fully fleshed out with the glitches in the game in mind. I had lost access to my account for awhile as well, so I was never able to properly set the game up for the longest time. I also just recently decided to return to the game, so if you have any additional suggestions, shoot them my way so I can fix the leaderboard up.

EDIT: I made a new thread so it's easier to keep track of any additional updates and discussions.

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Thank you for your quick response and creating a new thread for further discussions.

I'm happy to hear that you will go back to run this game again.

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