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Hello, I need you for decide new categories.
You can vote on this link :


Yo, @MDK_ , did you make a discord? 🙂

It’s been a week now with the strawpoll, so could you just add a “Roman Empire” and “Form HRE”-category for now? It seems they’re the most upvoted (and coincidentally the ones I am doing runs in atm 4Head )

From there on more categories can be added when people actually make runs and request them 🙂

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So, @MDK_ , should I interpret your silence as an annoyingly passive no?

I fully understand and accept that you might not have the time to keep up with the speedrunning community every day or even every week. But it kinda slows things down if you, the only mod, do not participate actively in the discussion (even if the only counterpart is me) - especially in the defining phase. There are still decisions to be made, e. g. we have to decide how to treat glitches and if different kind of glitches should be treated differently.

If it is because you don’t have that much time right now, would you maybe consider having 2 super mods? 🙂 I’ll gladly be the second mod, but it can essentially be anyone committed to EU4 and with the time to moderate and adapt the ruleset every once in a while (as new glitches and exploits are bound to happen with a game that releases a new patch every 3-6 months).

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hello MikiMaar sorry for the silence. Do you want become mods?


No harm no foul. I just got a bit annoyed by the missing response. All is good 🙂

Yes, I'd like to be mod.


ok i add you