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TL;DR: IGT-runs will get their own boards. A bunch of new categories will be added. We’re closing in on banning speed 5 for all RTA-runs. @addictedtomorrowind has been added as a mod.

- The Return of IGT:
So I talked with @addictedtomorrowind on Discord and he convinced me to get the EU4 leaderboards to host IGT-runs as well - a standpoint i originally was against. Actually it was the first thing I changed when I got modded. But apparently no other site hosts records for EU4 IGT-”speedrunning” so I decided to welcome them back as it is the more obvious way of perfecting this game. RTA-speedrunning will always be the main purpose of the leaderboards (this is after all) even though chances are that IGT will be more popular. That is fine too - activity generated on the IGT-boards will bring more attention to RTA-runs too. A win-win.

Practically it will work as it did before with the time input representing the date of completion. The leaderboards will be splitted just like the HOI4-leaderboards are. This effectively makes room for both RTA and IGT without interfering with eachother. The complete ruleset and the requirements for an IGT-submission are still discussed. If you have inputs jump on the Discord and share your opinion.

- New Categories:
I will add new categories - mostly focused on IGT, but naturally with leaderboards in both RTA and IGT. If you have any ideas or request for other categories feel free to comment.

Furthermore I’m moving the any%-category as a Misc-category. It will no longer be the default category either. That will either be SPQR or HRE for now and in time it will be WC.

- And the Quest For Banning Speed 5:
It appears that speed 1-4 is hard coded relative to real time and speed 5 is relative to your computer power. Therefore we’ve come to the conclusion that it would be fair to ban speed 5 for RTA runs.

We’ve discussed a few approaches but haven’t reached a final decision just yet.

1. Purge all runs using speed 5 (no)
2. Split the boards further in a “speed 5” and a “no speed 5” leaderboard. This would probably look a bit messy and bring some confusion - and have the side effect of creating an obsolete “no speed 5” leaderboard to all IGT-boards.
3. Create a legacy category placed in Misc. This will host old runs and you will not be able to submit new runs to it. The legacy category will exist until the community decides it's purging time (probably when the new boards have been populated).

Any% will not be affected by the speed 5 ban and will function as always.

On an ending note @addictedtomorrowind will be added as a moderator.

That’s it for now.

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