The WR time there is listed wrongly
8 years ago
United States

It's a 54.6

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Someone needs to fix that...

United States

It appears to have been fixed. The run I was talking about is now listed a 54.

Edited by the author 8 years ago

Okay that's good :)

Nevada, USA

Yeah someone in my chat yesterday noticed that as well. The rules for the category say timing is from your first input on the title screen, and end when the ship appears. But that's not true with the runs on the board. I retimed my run afterwards, and was surprised.

I was getting 59s and 1:00s and was surprised, until I put another run up to compare. That's when I noticed.

My opinion? The rules should be altered to state "timing begins on player control after the ship drops ET off, and ends when the ship appears at the end of the game."

Nova Scotia, Canada

The rules absolutely should have stated that timing starts on gaining control, that was a mistake. The reason it starts on gaining control instead of the title screen is that it’s usually very hard to tell when the title screen is started when using the RNG manipulation

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