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Hi !

Will you add the new ESJ 2 on the Serie board ?

I've already did an any% run
(Sorry for the potato quality at the end)

I would suggest to start with 2 categories :
- Any % : wrap zone (Glitching Out!) authorized
- All levels : must complete all levels of the natural game (not including bonus levels) path without using any wrap zones (Glitching Out! or Chill Cave)

Thanks 😃


I'll ask Catastrophic if anyones submitted for the new board yet, but I agree with the categories.

I'd say for all levels, probably something more along the lines Any% Warps/No Warps.

Not sure how many other categories, though I imagine at least one category including the DLC would be enjoyable, haven't played DLC yet myself.

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Hi everyone,

I have requested the addition of ESJ2 to Please allow 1-2 weeks for it to be added as these requests are manually processed.


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You can now submit runs at

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