text storage glitch
8 years ago

earlier today I was mashing the map button in the first cutscene for some reason and I pressed the map button on the same frame the text appeared and the text was on the map screen so I exited the map screen and I could move with the text on screen so I went to the class c guardian room and i cancelled the text and the fight started early. I also found that you could get text storage from reading the messages on the computers and pressing the map button at the same time.

list of things that you can do with text storage

you can start the class c guardian fight early if you cancel the text in the class c guardian room

you can activate the yellow gates early if you cancel the text in the room that you activate the yellow gates

if you do text storage using the computer in the class d guardians everything that the computer activates wont activate until you cancel the text so you can skip the class d guardians and it also can probably save time if you don't cancel the text until you have to activate one of the computers that you need to activate to fight the security overmind. you can do the same thing with the computer you need to activate to get to overgrowth just don't cancel the text until you get to the room before the save point.

if you die with text storage you softlock

some things wont move when you have text storage (I think it can save time in the fire area)

if you have any ideas for skips you could do with text storage or find anything just post it here.

also I found another glitch if you use hookshot and double jump at the same time you jump higher.