Useful Links for Speedrunning / Routing

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Speedrun Route:
Any% RNG Manip by Rosael

Any% RNG Manip by As_Trolo_Gy (日本語/Japanese)

Routing Tools:

EO2_simpleRNGcheck lua script, original for EO1 by FatRatKnight, updated to EO2 by DhrGR

DeSmuMe 0.9.9 Fixed for Etrian Odyssey (Fixes the text bug on Softrasterize) by DhrGR

A windows executable is already in the folder, if you are on OSX or Linux you will have to build the emulator yourself
I'm still linking this version here since it may be useful to some people in the future

The latest DeSmuMe has this built-in as an option, under Tools > 3D settings > Enable TXT Hack

Old routes for archival purpose:

Any% Route by Etoile, Translated by PinkPajamas

Old Any% RNG Manip by Rosael

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