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Looking to start a non official speed run thread for Mid SH 1v1 against Hard AI. This uses a presaved game in order to keep the settings and map seed the same, so you will have to download it here:


- Player 1: 20 cits
- AI: 1 Cit
- Map Size: Tiny
- Map Type: Highlands
- Resources: Standard - Hight
- Starting Epoch: Middle Ages
- Ending Epoch: Middle Ages
- Game Unit Limit: 250
- Game Variant: Tournament
- Difficulty Level: Hard
- Game Speed: Very Fast
- # of Wonders: Off
- Reveal Map: True
- Use Custom Civs: True
- Lock Teams: True
- Lock Speed: True
- Cheat Codes: False

Hex civs are not allowed.

Current Leaderboard:
29:39 (9m 52s) - Joezappie
34:40 (11m 33s) - Joezappie

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Played again tonight, beat my score down to 29:39 (9m 52s) using a delayed sword strat. Definitely a lot more room to improve, I'm thinking ~5 minutes should be doable.



Will this speedrun be on the original game or the expansion? I imagine the biggest difference would be the existence/nonexistence of civ powers.

Are glitches such as the tribute glitch allowed?


I did a glitchless speedrun on the original game in 1:52 RTA (which is equal to 4:23 IGT)

I used a seige ram to destroy the buildings and my citizens to kill the units.

Could still be improved significantly.

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