Offline 1 Player - DLC Mission Pack 1 in 29m 59s* by mzousuimzousui (Obsolete)

Time with loads: 29m 59s

Difficulty: Multiple
Character Class: Multiple Classes
Submitted by:
mzousuimzousui on
Played on:
PlayStation 4 [JPN] on
Verified by


Name Duration Finished at
Mission 1 1m 51s 000ms 1m 51s
Mission 2 2m 07s 000ms 3m 58s
Mission 3 2m 26s 000ms 6m 25s
Mission 4 0m 47s 000ms 7m 12s
Mission 5 1m 24s 000ms 8m 37s
Mission 6 1m 33s 000ms 10m 11s
Mission 7 0m 30s 000ms 10m 41s
Mission 8 1m 55s 000ms 12m 37s
Mission 9 1m 05s 000ms 13m 42s
Mission 10 2m 31s 000ms 16m 13s
Mission 11 1m 56s 000ms 18m 09s
Mission 12 1m 31s 000ms 19m 41s
Mission 13 2m 30s 000ms 22m 11s
Mission 14 3m 07s 000ms 25m 19s
Mission 15 4m 40s 000ms 29m 59s
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