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Not that I have seen no, I'm no computer programmer, and I have no idea how to make a map from the rom files. In Ecco 1 and Ecco II, there was a sonar map you could pull up, which you could stitch together to map a map of the whole level. However in this game, there is no map to be found sadly. Hopefully that answers your question, as i don't exactly know everything about this game, but if you're interested in running it, feel free to message me so we can discuss it 🙂
- Delphinus


i actually found some wierd properties when youre holding the turtle. the screen pushes down and you can clip through walls. not useful for anything i think.


Hmm, Could be useful, if you want you can chat with me on discord about it, you're literally the only other person to run this game than me so it would be very informative. lol


Just for future reference, routing is done and maps (mostly perfect) are available for all 3 categories under the "Guides" tab on this site 🙂

As far as for your second question about glitches we also have a known glitches sheet, including them in your run however won't save too much time. An interesting glitch I would love would be on The Octopus Passage:
-Sonar the octopus and await for the swordfish to clear the path for you with their slicing of the seaweed animation however if you were able to go OoB during the sonar of the Octopus then you could go straight to the crystal glyph at the end of the level as it is already to be sonar'd and you'd save the time wasted by waiting for said swordfish animation

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