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One thing I could do is make it so that when you submit a run for this game, you'll specify whether you played it on the "web" or "pc" platform, with "pc" meaning the Steam version. I can then tell the leaderboard to make the different platforms not obsolete each other. Does that sound like a good solution?

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But this would be biased on one version due to both most likely shown by default. I believe subcategories are the only way to go honestly.


looking over the differences from the link, i'll just say, screw it why not, new categories. it would probably make 100% completely different, while any% dont think that would change to much.

some differences are substantial enough to warrant a different category, therefore it will happen.

one thing to note is that the steam version has a NG+ so that might also become a different category.

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me from 2 years ago doesn't know how to handle a forum, yeesh. I'm locking this thread. 2 years late but oh well.

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