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Seems like my speedrun isn't listed here (but it is submitted in my runs and it appears as 4th place of steam version in my profile, which is wrong)
My category is Any%,Unrestricted,Web/Free, but I can't find it anywhere


From what I tell it doesn't have any subcategories, so it won't show up under any of them on the leaderboard.

(edited: )

I thought that too, but while looking my run on the site, it still says that it's on Any%,Unrestricted,Web/Free category... (while in my profile it still shows as 4th place like if it was in the steam category)
EDIT: resubmitted the run and now it has the correct subcategories...yeah probably I put the run before the subcategories got added


I probably should've seen this and fixed it when it happened, sorry about that. Locking this thread.

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