Ultimate Run - Non-segmented in 2h 24m 04s* by PancakeTaichoPancakeTaicho - 1st place

World Record Single-Segment Ultimate Run in 2:24:04. (Run rules at the bottom.)

Finally got sub 2:30. This run was a roller coaster. New strats and good RNG in a lot of good places helped push this one over the top. Most time losses are owed to poor execution/setups. Sub 2:20 is possible.


-Realistic Difficulty.
-No healing. No medbots or medkits.
-Use no bioelectricy. No flashlight and no repair bots.
-No augmentations.
-No weapons.
-No using consumable items.
-No lockpicks or multitools.
-No hacking.
-No skill point usage.
-Never use a passcode or computer login without acquiring it legitimately in-game first.
-Never spend money.

Time with loads: 2h 29m 32s

Difficulty: Realistic

Timing Method: New load remover (UnrealLoads)

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