(Mostly) Complete Save

- All characters Max Level, HP and Attack - All 6-star weapons unlocked - Ambition Mode complete - All stages unlocked - - - The best way to "switch" save-files is to rename your own savefile to something else, and then download this. You can "switch" save files by renaming them, but whatever is named "save.dat" is going to be what is loaded as long as it is in the correct folder (for me, Documents>TecmoKoei>Dynasty Warriors 8>Savedata). (direct download)

By ShadeOfTyrannyShadeOfTyranny

Save File

A complete save file. Everything is unlocked and collected. All relevant characters have full stats. All relevant weapons are maxed out and have the desired elements. The halberd, knives and curved sword all have the Battleaxe element. Includes DLC weapons. For Animals, Maple has Endurance, Penetrate, Shadow and Swimming. If you want musou regeneration, Elephant has Encouragement instead of Swimming. This is for the latest Steam version and will not work on a previous ones. Save file is located in Documents\TecmoKoei\Dynasty Warriors 8\Savedata. (direct download)

By MawfeenMawfeen


No OoB Splits

Empty splits of all five factions and their two storylines. (direct download)

By MawfeenMawfeen