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Hello! I'm currently running Dragon Warrior on GBC, and once I meet my goal on that game will be doing Dragon Warrior II for GBC.

Is this where that would be submitted? Should the Dragon Warrior GBC board be edited to support I and II as it is a compilation? Is there any reason why people haven't run the second DW on GBC?




Hello pianistman

This board is for the NES version. I have contacted the board admin for gbc dw and will see about adding a dw2 category if there will be runs submitted for it. I'm not sure why there are no runs for dw2 gbc, I assume people rather run the JP SNES version instead, but that's just speculation.

Thanks for your post, hope this helps 🙂

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Hmm, I may be mistaken, but I think Gyre used to run DQ2GBC US.


Yeah the leaderboard doesn't exist since no one had done runs of the game until gyre did a few months ago. I put in a request to to have the game added. It should show up in the Dragon Quest series list when it is up.

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