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Hi fellow spice harvesters,

I started to run some missions on the Amiga and I am planning to do more in the future.
I just wanted to ask where I should submit my runs, because the Leaderboard for IL- runs is lacking the option for the Amiga.
Not sure if the game is the same as on DOS andit does not make any difference which version you play. I checked some DOS runs and the game looks slightly different.
I am playing version 1.1_1548 (WHDLoad).

So can we add an Amiga LB or is there any reason this would not be neccessary?


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I'm working on it but still learning how to manage speedrun categories. I think Eino was taking the most care about the administration here.

Edit: should work.


@MilkToastMilkToast I didn't put up IL boards for Amiga before submitted runs, but there are some comments for future Amiga emu rules suggestions in the full game category. Anyways, these are just suggestions, but runs should be timed same as the DOS original. Please leave a comment for your emu setup and we can make it standard. Good luck with the runs.

@KrzysiekKrzysiek Thanks for adding the Amiga IL board.

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thanks for the answer and already setting up a board.
My Config is a A1200, but I always had some flickering in the Menu so I added some Z3-Fast MB to avoid that (if this is not okay I am fine with it.) I also activated the JIT Option. I did not read the suggestion in the full category before that, I just made this config for myself to have a good gaming experience. If we really should stick to a default A1200 its okay for myself and I will do that for future runs.
So here is my "default" setup:
CPU = 60020
JIt Option enabled (maybe not needed)
Chipset = AGA (maybe not needed)
Slow = 1MB (maybe not needed)
Z3 = 2MB
Emulator = WinUAE

I am of course open for suggestion and changes in the config so its fair for everyone.
Here is one of my runs you can take a look at:

Cheers MilkToast


Your settings should be fine, whatever gives you good performance. It's very unlikely anyone will try to submit runs on real Amiga. Just use the same settings for future runs. I think it's only the CPU and JIT options that could possibly increase real time game speed, memory shouldn't matter, at least in IL runs. I believe AGA is required to use higher than A500 (68000) CPU settings in WinUAE.

I checked your video and it looks fine. There's no verification requirements atm so you can add runs to the board (now that's set) when you like.

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Cool Eino you are always a great help for me, really appriciate it.
Alrighty then I will submit my runs soon and looking forward to do some more of them.