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hi its me,
any of you promote me to a moderator, much apprecaite that,
so now i can verify runs for dune2000, but we have no rules jet..

for the moment i start my smartphone-timer when the game starts and press stop when the description coming "mission completed" or how ever called in english...

but i dont think, that "my-timer" is a correct one...


I'm currently at AGDQ so I won't be able to check that sort of thing right now. I'll try to remember to when I get home.


Nice to see new activity in the Dune series. Just pointing out, current individual level records for easy and hard modes for all houses can be found at SDA.

You can time your videos accurately for example with a video player such as MPC, when you have local recordings on your hard drive. Right click on video time at the bottom right corner and select "high precision" to show milliseconds. You can use CTRL+ left / right arrows to cycle frames back and forth. Start of timing should be when the level is loaded and battlefield becomes visible (gain control). Timing should stop at mission complete text.


Hello! I would like to run Dune 2000 in hard, maybe full-game runs. I think we need some rules. I suggest to put 3 categories (easy, normal, hard) for each campaign.