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Hey guys, I want to get into speedrunning Dune 2000. Since it's my first game to speedrun, before submitting some runs I wanted to clarify some rules since I can't find them mentioned somewhere else in this forum. I revisited this game one week ago (since my childhood) and basically played most of the campaigns casually and now I wanted to take up the game from a more competetive point of view.

Before we come to the rulings I want to shorly explain the software I am using. I am using the DUNE 2000: GRUNTMODS EDITION (which you could download direcly from ther website https:/​/​gruntmods.​com/​dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/​
on the newest version (20.08.2019) with that to record just O.B.S and an timer from livesplit (for questions on how to incorperate the timer and O.B.S and Dune 2000 itself just ask me in the comment section below for me it was rather diffult to run dune fullscreen and have O.B.S and the timer running at the same time.)

My suggestions for some of the rulings would be:

First of all some basic rulings: with each run you submit we (the audience) should see the difficulty you are playing on the version of the game (not sure if this is necessary in every run) and we should see the reset of a run.

For the individual Levels you obviously start the timer when pressing the Start-Button on the mission and you stop it either when you get the 'Mission accomplished' on your screen or when you get into the post game screen where it sums up all of your points. But for consistency purposes I would suggested stopping when the 'Mission accomplished' comes up to your screen. Since I watched some runs of @Noobtown here in the community and some runs of @Shaokhan on http:/​/​speeddemosarchive.​com/​Dune2000.​html . (Side note you should not stop the timer when the audio 'Mission accomplished' comes up because it gets delayed from other audio queues. As an example when 'Reinforcments have arrived' and 'Mission accomplished' are close together the 'Mission accomplished' comes in delayed.)

For the Full-game Leaderboard you should start the timer after you select both the difficulty and your house so right after you click 'yes' on 'you want to play as house ...' and you should stop the timer when you see the credits of the game.

Those are just some basic ideas on how to unify the rules and the runs.

Thank you guys in advance for reading and (hopefully) commenting on my suggestions for some of the rules and then I can enjoy some Dune.

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I agree with the rules, it would be nice if they where added in the leaderboards.