A couple of questions from a new runner
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A couple of questions from a new runner

Hi everyone, i'm an NES runner. I run both Ducktales 1 and 2 and i wanted to start running remastered as well. I have just a couple of questions:

  • Is there a reason why almost every run is done on extreme?
  • I have a full locked savestate to practice single stages, but of course it's not on extreme because extreme doesn't save afaik. Can i still use it? What are the main differences except of the obvious damage and number of hearts?

Tnx everyone!


Hi garadas. The major speed difference between Extreme mode and the easier modes is that checkpoints work differently, which can be exploited for some death warps which aren't possible otherwise. The main time save comes from a death warp in Transylvania which skips the second rail section and some backtracking, saving about a whole minute of gameplay. In Glitchless you can also death warp in the Moon to avoid backtracking after collecting the three Gizmoduck pieces.

There are also minor time saves due to faster boss cycles, but I think those are pretty much compensated by the invincibility coins that you pick up in Easy mode. For instance, the Moon IL (with Moon Skip) is actually faster to perform in Easy mode for this reason.

As for your second question, I would definitely suggest starting with Easy mode, and only switching to Extreme when you feel confident in your strats, movement skills and health management. Most sections actually use the exact same movement for both difficulties; off the top of my head, the only difference I can think of is one boulder cycle in Vesuvius (boulders move faster in Extreme mode). There are probably more, but they are in all cases very minor, at least in my opinion.

Hope that answers your questions, and good luck on the runs!

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Ok and what about hard and Extreme? Any differences whatsoever? Except for forced hard pogo (which Is not an issue since i am used to playing the nes One) and no saves


The checkpoints still work differently than in Extreme mode. In particular, the Transylvania death warp does not work in any mode other than Extreme, sadly.

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