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So i have 2 questions

1: the use of the console for spawn things like a jetpack in the arcade room is banned? i mean, write in the console ¨Spawn jetpack 20 20¨ and use the jetpack, is that banned?

2: the levels have to be beaten in a particular order o can i beat any level in any order and hit the timer by beating the last one?

i ask this because in any% or all platinum medals we can spawn a jetpack at the beggining and use it for traveling faster trought the levels, AND is faster go for the last levels down and then go to the upstairs levels (like .5 seconds i think lol). but i dont know if this is legal, the rules dont say anything about it


well naturally in speedrunning consoles are banned but nobody really does anything in this game so go ahead for now i guess, its not like it really gives a major advantage from what you say