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I have had some DuckTales 2 runners asking me if we could make "Any% Easy" the main category since it's faster than difficult. I have thought about it and there is in fact no real reason to keep difficult as main category because easy is the fastest way to complete the game.

Yay or Nay, please vote!

(I am saying "Yay!")

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I don't have a submitted time on the leaderboard but I will submit my 9:52 (easy) and give my 2 cents.

Since (ironically) difficult at the moment has the fastest time (mostly because difficult has been main category and people haven't played easy as much even though it's faster) I consider that the "main" world record. I do however support that easy should be considered the main category so by the time someone push down the time below 9:19 I would consider it the "main" world record.

So my vote would be yay

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I understand im not a runner, so do ignore this if you want, I did beat this game once!

With few exceptions the fastest way to complete the game should be the main category. Credit warps comes to mind, but those are generally still called "Any%" in many cases.

Definitely a Yay.

Problem arises if a trick would be found on non-easy that makes that faster. But I guess that is not a problem until it arises and it's frankly rather unlikely.

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World Record will of course stay 9:19 by garadas even if we changed to easy as main :)

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Oh come on, everyone just get good at the D-1000 fight then you won't have to waste time buying health!

(yay, of course)

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Guess we can proceed with the change. WhiteHat was also okay with this. So it's another Yay

Should we rename the category from "Any% Easy" to just "Any%" and "Any% Difficult" will stay like it is?

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pld is all knowing wise DT2 mod. Get rid of Easy and have Any% and Any% hard. Runs for the later qualify for both categories. As for the "main" category, everyone knows that is good ending. Good ending is good. (yay on the question at hand)

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First of all I want to thank for the responses and your thoughts because these things should always be decided and discussed as community.

Now here is my proposition: The "Any% Easy" leaderboard will be renamed into "Any%" which will feature the fastest times of all the submitted runs regardless of its difficulty (I will manually transfer runs from the difficult leaderboard to the newly created "Any%" leaderboard if the times on the difficult leaderboard are faster). The "Any% Difficult" leaderboard will be untouched and it's still only allowed to submit runs which have been done on difficult (this will be more of a challenge category). That means as of right now Garadas will have WR in both categories.

Since we are doing changes for the Any% categories we should also discuss "Good ending (difficult)". Unfortunately I don't have a run up and I don't feel eligible to discuss that category but in my opinion we should scrap the "difficult" suffix and allow all difficulties on one leaderboard because Easy should be the fastest difficulty for that category as well. What do you think?

Maryland, USA

For good ending, you have to buy the health so you can buy the last map from the store. So easy isn't any faster. Easy is a cop out for a category that is meant to be a challenge. I'd leave it the way it is.

Well the category is any% and everyone who wants to compete in this category is free to choose the difficulty they want to play on. You can't have an any% category and then start to ban/forbid stuff (unless it's really necessary). I mean the difficult category is still there and won't be removed so you can still submit your difficult times there (I certainly won't stop running difficult). Right now we only have a difficult run with the fastest time because difficult has been grinded more since it was considered main category. But once we start to grind on easy more serious the times will be much lower and the top times will be all done on easy because easy will be always faster. Also we have some runners who have only done runs on difficult and their runs are automatically any% imo.

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