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As per suggestions, i am opening this thread to discuss and codify the rules for different categories of Dead space 3.

First off are the obvious rules:
- New game must be played off of a new save file
- New game must not use (for either parts, resources or full use) DLC or unlock items such as the Devil horns
- New game + can use whatever weapons and suits, be they DLC or unlocks
- Timing is Real time, not IGT
- The whole run must be timed and on camera, time starts when you gain control in the prologue, and ends at the end of the finale quick time event in chapter 19.
- Co op runs must have video for both players
- New game +, classic, pure survival and hardcore modes must be done using the appropriate feature in the new game + screen, and selecting a new save file
- 100% requires 100% completion of every chapter as shown on the completion details screen in chapter select, as such, 100% must be done in co op.
- Max% requires the highest completion percentage on every chapter that can be done solo
- Max% must be done solo
- The Ev1l_nz Nexus skip is banned, as it is not repeatable on other graphics cards, the trick i am referring to is here:

I am not making any of these up on the spot, these have been around before the game was added to

I will add to this list as discussion is had, and once agreement is reached, i will update all categories


In addition to this, i have trimmed down the categories, we will make use of the platform system on the site instead of separating pc and console runs into completely separate categories. This reduces the mess of categories that was there before, and allows us to add more if needed.


can you use the planet cracker or is that not allowed?


Bump. For 100% (Not Max%), does the progress screen just have to show 100%, or does everything for each chapter have to be marked? For instance, difficulty doesn't count towards 100% as you can complete a chapter on casual and still reach 100% for it.