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So it has recently come to my attention that those who are running on Emulators (Including myself) have all got different framerates.

I have got 30FPS for mine however CoopeZz and recently VGRDaftPunk (who recently came on the scene) both have their games running at 60FPS. I'd like to discuss whether these runs should now start to be allowed for the leaderboards as I personally don't think they should.

It sounds like I want this to happen because then I get my record back however considering that the game only ran at 2 main framerates to begin with (25FPS for PAL and 30FPS for NTSC) I think this would be a right decision as then that way the runs are definitely legit as the games are running at their proper framerates.

Any thoughts on this matter would be welcomed as I think we should get this sorted properly.

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If the game is running faster than intended then imho i would disallow them. It would give an unfair advantage to those running on emulator at 60fps compared to a real console or emu at 30fps


Reject runs running on a faster framerate then their original releases. No doubt about it, imo!

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it's not to defend me, but the epsxe emulator I had before had a big problem with plugins.
And the one I used pSX at the settings for my run I did not touch anything because it does not need plugins to work.

Me personally I want to prove my good faith because I start in the world of speedrun

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Just create a subcategory for emulators like we did for Driver 1


It's been known that emulators like ePSXe give a very unfair framerate advantage, so yes, separate the categories. Ideally, use of specific emulators should be enforced. XEBRA might be a good bet, as it provides fairly accurate emulation, but technically all runs could be forced to be done on any one emulator for emulator runs and it'd be fair.