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Hello everyone. I am currently thinking of running this game, since i am done with dreamfall i think this will be an interesting game to run.

My quesiton is if the loading times are consistant?
I mean, people with SSD will have faster times if im not mistaken then people with a HDD.

If you guys want then i can create a load remover for this game, that way its more fair.


I honestly have no idea whether the loads are consistent or not. I would assume you are correct that an SSD would preform better than a HDD, but I haven't tested.

A load remover sounds great to me, if you're willing to make one! That could be very useful.


this does mean that things need to be retimed, cuz you need to make a column where we cna see the time without loads.
I have a program that can do that for the videos that already exist, but the full game versions will take a while tho. I will creat the load remover and then i hear how we continue 🙂