Step-by-step walkthrough (or as close as it gets!) for any%

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Level 1 - Dragon Trouble

Go W5, N8, E4 to the village (Hexwood Village) and enter the tavern.
Talk to "a strange man".
Talk to "jolly peasants.": "That's kind of you. This hot weather brings quite a thirst."
Talk to "a strange man" again. Give drink.
Visit the blacksmith: "I'll keep that in mind, thanks."
Leave the village, W5, N3, W5, N1, W5 and find "Monk." Ask for money, and return to the village.
Go to the blacksmith: "How's the work going?" then "I'll give you two
silver pennies if your sharpen it.".
Talk to "a strange man" in the tavern: "I'm looking for a way through the forest."
Forest directions: S, E, S, W, S
Move S, E to find an "old man." "Speak or I'll lose my patience!"
Cave directions: S, E, S, W
Fight boss.

Level 2 - Lord Felton

Go forward from the start and to the house.
Talk to “a worried woman”.
Head S1, E(many) to Felton's Village.
Turn S, E, S, W. ‘Angry peasant’.
Turn E, N, W, N to Village. Enter town hall.
Talk to guard. Select first message.
Talk to Felton.
Turn S, E, S, W, S. Talk to Gilbert.
Head S to the forest. It’s barricaded, so turn around to Gilbert.
Talk to "Gilbert": "Have you seen anyone pass…”
Head N, E, N, E to go to the mill. Get the axe.
Head S, W, S, W, S back to the barricade.
Head S, E, S (at the first path), W to dragon.

Level 3 - Long Lost Brothers

Head E, S1, E. ‘A Woman Calls Out”: “where did the dragon go”, “is the forest far...” Head S, W, S then W. Talk to the ‘young farmer’: “I am in search…”, "Your father?". Head S, then E to Gilbert. Ignore Gilbert.
Head W1, N, then E to Lord Brok’s house for a fight.
Answer anything to get to the dungeon.
Head N, E, N, E, N, W (first path to the left), N, E, N (first path to the left to get a wooden pony).
Head N, W, N and fight the soldier.
Head N, E, N (all the way), E, N, follow paths now to a soldier.
Kill the soldier for the key out of the castle.
Head E, S, W, S, E, S to the house with the old man.
Old man: “I have something for you”.
Hug the trees W, N, W, N, etc., until you reach the prompt “Hello.”
Select: “I want oats!”, “I am in…” then back to old man’s house.
Hug the trees back. Select the 2nd message, then “I hope you do”, and then 1st.
Go back to the old man. Talk to him.
Go N, W, N, W to the man walking around near the houses.
In the forest, go S, E (all the way), N, E, N, and then DRAGON!

Level 4: A Revolting Woman

Head forward, talk to peasant.
Head E, S, W, until you see a man.
Head N, E, S to get to a house. “May I borrow the hammer?”
Head back to the man. "I take it you feel better?", "I'll take them if you prefer".
Head N, E, N, E to map.
Head N, W, N, W to get to the village.
Talk to the soldier, select “look at these…”
Talk to the girl.
Head N, E, N, E, to get to the forest.
Forest: Head E, S, E to find Kara.
Head E, S, W, N, W (at first door). Talk to Hewe.
Follow the path, fight the dragon.

Level 5 - Friendly Dragon

Go N, E, N, and enter the village.
Go the Town Well, and play Honest John’s game.
Go the the Hat Shop, and buy a small hat.
Talk to Kara (in Kara’s house).
Head E, S, E to find a man. Say: “first, tell me…”,....”give me the bucket”.
Head back to the village (W, N, W).
Head to the town well.
Head to Kara's house. “I have some water”, “plenty of water”.
Head W, S(first path), W to meet a wolf. Fight it.
Head W, S, W to fight another wolf.
Follow the linear path, fight another wolf.
Follow the path, stay north, run into the guard.
Head N, W, N to Gilbert. He will take you to the waterfall.
At the waterfall, select ‘enter waterfall’.
See the dragon, and answer the 1st choice, the 2nd, then the 1st.
When you can select something new, select the first choice.
Spam fighting and also A to get through all dialogue.
Level ends.

Level 6 - Swamp People

Head E, N to get to Kara.
Head S, W, to find a wild pig. Catch it.
Head N, E, N, E to find a village. Don’t interact with people, as they want to fight.
Go to the cook house. Answers: 2, 1, 3, 1 and out.
Go to the jail house. Talk to the guard. Answers: 2, 1.
Talk to Gilbert.
You are now outside. Head S and a little bit W to get to the gate.
Hit escape twice. Head S, E, and turn right, following the linear path.
Welcome to Avalon. Talk to King Arthur’s gravestone on the left, and spam A.
Leave Avalon.
Head S to find the swamp person. Answers: 2, 2, 1. Talk to him again and borrow the plant.
Head S, W, S, W, then S to a cave. Talk to the dragon to see that it’s too dark.
Head N, E, S1, E to find Gilbert. Answers: 1, 1, 2. Draco lights the touch.
Head N, W, S back to the cave.
Head E, S, E, S to find the dragon.

Level 7 - The Revolt

Head N, E, S, E, S to the Rebel Camp.
Talk to Hewe.
Talk to Kara.
Head slightly N to talk to a Peasant. Answers: 2, 1.
Head N and E to find another peasant. Answers: 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1.
Head W and S to find a house. Answers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 1.
Head W and S to find another ‘farmer working’. Answers: 1, 3, 2, 2, 1
Head S and W again to find a house. Answers: 2, 2, 1, 1
Head E, N, W, then S to find the Rebel Camp.
Talk to Hewe.
Head S6, W3, S6, E9, S6. Fight the dragon, but he flies away.
Head N5, W9, N4, W4, to a house. Answer “Sheep”.
Head E4, S9, W a bit to find an old man. Acquire the horn.
Head E, then N, then E to find Gilbert. Mash A to get to the end.
Hit “do the plan” twice.
Head E, S, E, S, E until you find the dragon. (First branch every time).

Level 8 - King Einon

Head S, then W to find Gilbert. Talk to him, then head S to the forest.
Head S, then W, and fight a soldier.
Head S, then W, and fight Felton.
Head S to fight a soldier.
Head S then E to talk to Hewe.
Head E the S to fight a soldier.
Head S, then W, and fight Brok.
Head W, then N, and find Gilbert.
Have Gilbert shoot his bow.
Head N, then W, and fight a soldier.
Keep heading W, and interact with Kara.
Head N to fight a soldier.
Head N, E, N to find Aislinn.
Head N, then E to the KING!
Fight for awhile, then head up the stairs.
Head N, then E to fight a sturdy soldier.
The path is linear. You will fight the king again. It is over when the screen plays.

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