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I've spent a while learning how LiveSplit scripts work and I've put together this very very simple script for skipping load times in Dead Rising.

It's not at a state where I feel it should be used officially in any capacity, as there are a few issues (which I mention later and may or may not be an easy fix but I am too tired to check right now).

Use the following contents by adding a new element to your layout, "Scriptable Auto Splitter" and make sure to set the path to the .asl file in its settings. Additionally, make sure to change your splits and timer to "Game Time."

Only compatible with Steam Patch 3 ATM.

Known issues:
¤Pauses timer when doing fadeout into the pause menu, and fadeout from the pause menu.
¤Only during helicopter segment: pauses timer when taking pictures.

If anyone finds any additional issues please let me know so that I can try addressing them.

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I've published a new version of the timer which is available in the link above. As always, let me know if it doesn't work for anyone who has the Steam version or if you encounter any issues.

The only issue I know of at this time is that the timer still pauses when taking pictures during the heli segment, although I'm not sure of any runs that take advantage of this segment.

Edit: New version.

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