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Hey y'all. About a month ago, I was browsing and noticed that the category Offline Story Any% doesn't currently have any rules defined. Wanting to see that taken care of at some point, I attempted to reach out to Elehex via DMs, given that he's both a mod and the only person with a run. Unfortunately for me, rather than reply or acquiesce to my request, he blocked me 🙁

Any chance one of the other three mods might take care of it instead?


That's rather strange behaviour...and a shame, I was hoping to try running the game too since it's quite short.
I at least wanted to check where time starts and stops but I noticed their run ends at a point I have never seen.

PS: I don't really understand the offline mode run, isn't the goal to finish the offline section as fast as possible?
So why do they do the optional story stuff?


Thank you to Elehex, Cleartonic, or T3tsuya; whomever it was that added rules for Offline Story Any%. Rules are an integral part of a speedrun leaderboard and I'm glad to see my request was eventually taken seriously.

@Gamesfan34260Gamesfan34260 Maybe the run isn't optimized. You could try to beat it if you've got the free time. Give it a shot.


@CriscoWildCriscoWild I somehow doubt that since this is akin to getting asked "Would you like to spend more time playing?" and answering yes. (This is literally what it is actually)
To be more specific, when you defeat the first boss you get transferred to the room where you choose your race and class, at this part you can choose to go to the online world or carry on the offline story.
The run chooses to carry on which takes the run from 20 2 hours.