Hoishin's Any% (NA timing rule) Guide

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Use the link above. If the link is broken, the guide as of 19 September 2016 is below.

Dragon Quest V (PS2) Any%
by Hoishin

This speedrun consists of three major glitches.

(1) Item Duplication
Say you want to duplicate an item called A. Put A in the last page of the bag (this means you need at least 13 items in bag to have 2 pages). Go back one previous page, and place the cursor below where A is. Push Left and O, almost at the same time, but push O a little bit later. Choose Move and put it wherever you want. Now A in the bag is left in bag, while another A is duplicated and placed where you put.

(2) Open Tray Glitch
You open the tray and the game can't load the map anymore. If you do this in world map (outside towns/villeges/dungeons), you can walk to outside loaded map. You can ignore any environment (high moutains etc) and go to anywhere you want to. I use another timer other than LiveSplit to time how long I should run to certain direction, and when to close tray. For example, I walk to down right edge of the loaded map, then walk up right for 7.5 seconds, close tray, then walk right until I reach Fortuna. Timing to close the tray might vary between diffrent versions of console.
Note that if you get encounter while opening tray, you have to close tray and load the fight, and it will also load the map. So you have to avoid encounter while you're opening tray.

(3) Stick Glitch
When you make the game confused, it usually softlocks. For example if you don't have an character which is needed for next event, it softlocks and can't continue the game anymore. Usually. Sometimes, in certain situations, in this game, the game doesn't softlock and you can continue playing. Furthermore, the game is so confused in those cases and it even let you to move character extensively.
There are multiple situations where you can trigger this glitch, and in current route, I use one particular situation, which happens in Uptaten Towers. When you talk to Hounted Housekeeper, the floor opens and you fall down, and when that happens without Bianca in the party, Stick Glitch is triggered.
After you trigger this glitch, hold R3 and Left Stick to move the character above/below. Also you can hold R3 and use D-Pad to move, ignoring any environment (wall or objects or anything).
This glitch doesn't work in world map. If you save and reset, this glitch is untriggered and have to trigger it again. Also certain Stick Glitch situations can softlock at some point after triggering the glitch.

Using these three glitches, this speedrun breaks the game completely and beat the final boss with child Hero, without killing him.
Main procedure is,
(1) Advance storyline until you reach Roundbeck.
(2) Duplicate items to have 300G for the wagon.
(3) Sleep in Roundbeck and go to Fortuna at night.
(4) Buy the wagon and go straight to Uptaten Towers.
(5) Trigger Stick Glitch
(6) Go to Ancient Ruins from Fortuna.
(7) Ignore Ladja and exit Ancient Ruins.
(8) Enter Debug Room.
(9) Get the Ring of Fire and duplicate 3 of it.
(10) Submit one to Rodrigo Briscoletti and get the ship.
(11) Use the three duplicated rings to go the Underworld.
(12) Beat the final boss.

Timing starts when you confirm to "Will you save to the memory card?" prompt.

Mash until the hero wakes up in the bed.
Pick up Seed of Resilience and Meical Herb from drawers in the room.
Go to the deck.
(Pick up Medical Herb from barrel on the right side)
Enter first door and talk to Captain.
Pick up T'n'T ticket on the back right.
Go down 2 floors and talk to the left guy in the room.
Go back to the deck and run to the centre of the ship. This triggers cutscene.
Go talk to Pankraz and go back to the deck.
(Camera manipulation before taking to Pankraz again can save time (2-4 sec), not necessary)
Talk to Pankraz on the deck twice, select No twice in the second talking.
Head out to the world map.

Walk upward for the first Slime x3 fight.
You can fight or flee, but I prefer fighting because it gives me small but not zero XP, and it doesn't take much time to kill them because Pankraz is pretty strong.
In next 2 fights, you want the hero to hit at least level 2. Reach level 3 reduces the chance of death in Uptaten Towers, but it takes more time to die in Whealbrook Adit. Also you need at least 20G before entering Whealbrook.

After entering Whealbrook and playing with Bianca, go straight to the cave. Flee all random fights from here to the end.
Rescue the old man.
Pick up Wayfarer's clothes.
Unequip all hero's equipment (there is Equip menu in the Miscellaneous tab), let the hero die in the next fight.
Go back to Sancho's house's basement and pick up Seed of Strength in the jar.
Talk to Sancho.
Pick up Leather Hat in the dresser.
(At this point, you have 12 different items including Bianca's equipment. You'll need 13 items for item duplication so you'll buy an Antidotal herb or Chimera wing in Roundbeck. You can skip grabbing Wayfarer's clothes in the cave if you have enough gold to buy Antidotal herb and Holy water, but I don't recommend it because it doesn't save much time, and you can have more defence with the clothes.)
Go to downfloor and walk to Roundbeck.

After arriving Roundbeck, talk to the kids with the "cat", then buy Antidotal herb or Chimera wing at Item Store.
Open menu
1. Unequip Bianca's equipment
2. Organise Items for everyone
3. Move Seed of Strength in the bag to the hero
4. Move Seed of Strength to the bag (to put the seed in last page)
5. Duplicate 4 Seeds of Strength
6. Give Bianca Handwoven Cape and equip. Give the hero Wayfarer's clothes and equip.
7. Organise Items for everyone
Talk to Item Shop again, sell all 5 Seeds of Stregth, buy 3 Chimera wing and give it to the hero (2 if you bought Chimera wing in the previous shop). You should have 300G left after this shop. You can buy some herbs if you have more than 308G.
Return to the inn and talk to Pankraz. Head out to world map.
From now until you enter Debug Room, if the hero dies and Bianca survives, you will teleport back to the Roundbeck inn and forces you to sleep until day. You have to let Bianca die first, and you can revive at the church in the last town you've visited.

<Open Tray Glitch 1> (Roundbeck to Fortuna)
Head out to world map and OPEN TRAY while loading world map.
Head left and left down between forest.
Enter the black zone by the sea, go down while entering the sea.
Quickly go back to the black zone and continue going down.
Land the green zone on the other side of the sea and go down right to the black zone below.
Follow the edge of the loaded map until you reach the down right edge of the map. Do not enter the sea.
At the edge, go up right for 7.5 seconds, CLOSE TRAY, then go right until you arrive Fortuna.

Buy the wagon and use Chimera wing.

<Open Tray Glitch 2> (Fortuna to Uptaten Towers)
Head down until you see the abbey, then OPEN TRAY.
Go right through mountains and enter the black zone, then go up. Be careful and do not enter the sea.
Follow the edge and do not enter the sea, until you reach up left edge of loaded map.
Walk left for 11 seconds, then up left for 7 seconds, CLOSE TRAY, and keep walking to up left until you enter Uptaten Towers.

Go up the stairs on the back and enter the castle.
Push R3 then trigger skeleton event (where Bianca goes missing).
Rescue Bianca, talk to the Queen, head through the dark room and follow the King. Make sure to let Bianca die first if you're dying.
Talk to the king, go back to previous room to trigger next king talking, and go outside of the castle through the door on the back.
Enter the castle through the main door in front.
Head down to the basement and pick up toach.
Head out to world map. Use Line-Up menu to take out Bianca (so only the hero is in the party).
Enter the Towers, take the stairs on the back and enter the dark room.
Use toach, talk to Haunted Housekeeper. This triggers Stick Glitch.
Mash through next event until the elevator goes up to the ground floor.
Hold R3 and use left stick to put the hero at the same height as the ground floor. This will teleport the hero back to the kitchen below.
Use Chimera wing.

<Open Tray Glitch 3> (Fortuna to Ancient Ruins)
Head down until you see the abbey, then OPEN TRAY.
Go right through mountains and enter the black zone, then go up and follow the edge until you reach the up right edge.
Walk up for 4 seconds, then walk up right for 7 seconds, then CLOSE TRAY, continue walking up.

Before entering the Ruins,
1. Unequip everything for both the hero and Bianca
2. Organise Item
3. Line-Up to take in Bianca (You need Bianca to trigger next event)
Enter the Ruins.
Two guys are blocking the way. Hold R3 and use left stick to go through it.
Use R3 to reach Pankraz straightly.
In the fight with Pankraz, flee until Bianca dies, then finish the fight. (It takes long time for Bianca to level-up)
Use R3 to enter next room through the door on the left.
R3 trick to reach the raft. Ride the raft and go to next screen. (You have to take raft to trigger next event)
After Pankraz encounter monsters, use R3 to exit the room.
Go straight to the entrance, using R3.
Prevent triggering Ladja. You need to go very very above Ladja to do so since the trigger zone is quite big.
Exit Ancient Ruins.

(After you trigger the event where Pankraz encoutners monsters and tells the hero to run, the game is in a special condition. Basically when the hero dies, you win, because supposedly the next fight is Ladja fight, where the hero is supposed to die. When you die in the fight, you proceed next event (= Pankraz's death). And this mechanic works for any fight. Fron now, you sacrifice the hero to beat bosses, using Kerplunk)

Line-Up and select only the hero. Harry will still follow us.
Pull an encounter near the purple swamp.
In the fight, select Party, choose nobody, and select End. Now only the hero should be in the party. Let him die (and you win).
Step on the purple swamp and take damage from it and it teleports you to Debug Room.

Talk to the centre Nera in the 5 Neras. Recruit the boy and the girl, and leave Harry.
Talk to the muscle guy on the left to get 6.3 mil XP.
Use Chimera wing.

<Open Tray Glitch 4> (Fortuna to Monstroferrato)
(I do this part with two sets of open and close. There may be a way to do this in one-go, but difference should be small or nothing in terms of time. Also if you go far away after opening tray, the game softlocks. So this way should be safer.)
Cast Holy Protection and OPEN TRAY after you land nearby Fortuna, then go right to the black zone.
Enter the black zone and quickly exit, and go to left side of the loaded map.
Enter the black zone just above the abbey.
Walk down left for 12 seconds, walk left for 4 seconds then CLOSE TRAY, continue walking left.
Cast Holy Protection when the map is loaded. (This may be unnecessary)
OPEN TRAY just under the top of the peninsula, continue walking left until the black zone.
When you enter the black zone, walk down left for 8 seconds, then CLOSE TRAY, continue walking down left until you reach purple swamp, then go left to Monstroferrato.

Enter Monstroferrato, then immediately exit.
Cast Tick-Tock.

<Open Tray Glitch 5> (Monstroferrato to Volcano Cave)
OPEN TRAY where Chimera wing would take you (right under the town). Go right down to the desert, and CLOSE TRAY right under the small woods in the desert.
Walk to down left and the game should load the map right when you reach Volcano Cave.

Use R3 to skip everything and go to the deepest floor.
Examine the ring, trigger the fight.
Change party to the hero only. Cast Kerplunk to finish the fight.
(I once have had the game softlock after the fight for unknown reason)

Open menu
1. Put Bianca's Ring of Fire in the bag.
2. Duplicate 3 Rings of Fire into Bianca.
3. Give the original Ring of Fire to the hero. Don't equip.
4. Cast Evac and Zoom to Monstroferrato.

Talk to Briscoletti and give him the ring.
Go outside Briscoletti's house and cast Zoom.

<Open Tray Glitch 6> (Monstroferrato to the Underworld)
Get on the ship and OPEN TRAY.
Follow the upper shore to up left and CLOSE TRAY as you enter the black zone, continue going up left.
Continue going up left until you see the cave by the sea, and enter it.

Land on nearby shore and use R3 to go straight to the entrance of the Underworld. (up left)
Adjust the character at the top of the locked door, and it let you enter the next room.
Put three Rings of Fire on each statue, enter the gate.
Use R3 to skip the hero's mother's dialog. (Trigger area is small but it is really close to the exit. See VoD)

<Open Tray Glitch 7> (Underworld)
Go left and OPEN TRAY. Cross the bridge and go up to the other side, CLOSE TRAY.

Enter the final dungeon.
Use R3 and ignore everything to the final boss. (You can step on the lava)

Nimzo 1: Change party to the hero only, then Kerplunk.
Nimzo 2: Flee.