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Are there any significant differences I should be aware of before I start learning the JP version?

I've seen from other runners that the Goopi patterns are different, but I wasn't sure if all the monsters have the same level up skills, exp charts, etc.

Since I'm not able to read Japanese, I'm asking if there's anything that might trip me up if I only memorize a couple item names and monster skills.



Bump cause now I am sliding into this and want to know it as well 🙂


From what I remember it's basically just faster text since JP scrolls faster with fewer characters.

This is most noticeable during pure talking cutscenes like when you talk to the king, but I'm pretty sure it slightly speeds up battles too.

I didn't see any other differences between things like monster growth charts or affinities or anything like that though.

Let me know if you want some help getting into the game and I can do an english commentary video on WR.


Thank you for your reply and answer. I already looked up the route from blood. I only asked (or more like bumped the question) cause I am not sure if I wanted to go the extra mile of looking up the japanese skills/orders/etc for the game since I have both here in JP and ENG. I would say ENG first and if I take it to the end and enjoy it I can still go the extra mile afterwards 🙂


Yeah that sounds good. I started with the ENG version too before switching to JP. There's maybe 5 minutes of timesave between versions. I still might do a commentary video later anyways because the JP WR from Onion is crazy. It's around 1:46:50 or something like that

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A commentary video would be amazing!


Sorry it took so long. Let me know if you have any questions.