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Hi i played this game when it first came out and saved runs that i thought were good and times that matched the 360 times but.... i took a clip of the runs on my xbox and dont know how to submit the runs from my xbox profile or whatever. i dont have any kind of capture card to do it my self so was wondering how i could submit runs. heres a link to my xbox account if that helps : https:/​/​account.​xbox.​com/​en-us/​Profile?xr=socialtwistnav
the runs are quite a ways down i think they are 27 days and older. so any help would be awesome.


Greetings Bk, welcome. If you haven't already you could install the xbox console companion app on your pc, it should be in the microsoft store. Go on the app, sign in and if you go under -Captures- all of your clips should be there. You can then download these clips to your pc and stream them to Twitch or upload them to Youtube. After these steps you'll be able to copy and paste your video links (url) on the -Submit Run- page.

This is a work around, hope it helps!

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