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which version are we running here? cause i don't want to go buy the bfg edition when i have just enough money for the original. need a fast awnser please


As you can see on the leaderboards, most people use RBDOOM3BFG, which is a source port of BFG Edition. However, this source port allows you to skip cutscenes, which official BFG Edition doesn't (unless it was updated recently), so "technically" it's a modded version.


Hey k0uS1S,

the answer is: you need the BFG Edition. RBDOOM3BFG only works with that one.


thx to both of you guys for bothering to reply. see you around 😃

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But you can still submit a run of the original doom 3 if you want obviously ?

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Hey ReavzAU,

it is possible to submit a run for the Doom 3 Vanilla Version. It will be much slower though. I think the Livesplit timer we use for the RBDOOM 3 Source port will also support timing out the loads of Vanilla Doom 3 version.



How about a subcategory for both versions? 🙂


I'm really not sure a lot of people would like to run vanilla Doom 3. If others want to run that category, we can have it. In any case we'd need an example run to see that somebody really does it in the end.

What's the opinion of the other runners? Do you want a vanilla category?

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