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Hey there

"Mars City 1", "Enpro", "Monorail" and "CPU" have cutscenes right after the level load. When playing on 120fps, there is a delay between a level load and a cutscene between 0.8 and 1.35 seconds on my system adding up to about 4.6 seconds. This delay does not exist on 60fps settings. (You can test this with Livesplit Load Remover having the Ingame Timer timing cutscenes out.)

When loading up a new level, there is a short time when the game quicksaves the beginning of this next level. On 60 fps in those 4 levels it is possible to press escape during the quicksave and skip the cutscenes before they even start. In 120 fps the same escape press during the quicksave sends you directly to the menu.

So additionally to the timeloss of these delays you will also lose your individual reaction time to skip the cutscene and perhaps the time for the cutscene to end and the game to start again (in case we decide to have cutscenes counted as ingame time).

This whole thing also goes for RoE and LM.

I'm not sure we need rules for this so far. So just fyi.



What happens if you hold escape (I dont have BFG edition to test it myself)?

I'll test this in vanilla D3, even though 120fps have to be forced via console command.

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120 and 60 fps are the only two possible decisions in BFG Edition or RBDoom in the settings.The reason it doesn't work for 120fps is that delay between the level load (or after that the quicksave) and the cutscene. During this time, the game thinks you're ingame. That's why it doesn't skip the cutscene but goes to the menu. Holding escape doesn't make a difference there.

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