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Hey guys, I will be hopefully submitting to this game soonish.

I noticed in the current 1h24m run that it is badly abusing quickloading, and the loading screens from those loads are removed. Should that really be allowed? It isn't real time anymore, anybody could get an amazing run eventually if they are allowed to essentially splice the best parts of each level together. I really, really don't like that and I am not running with quickload abuse.

It is acceptable, I think, if you have to absorb the full loading time, but cutting it like that seems a bit ridiculous. Honestly I would prefer if the category didn't allow quicksaving at all, but at the least if you do allow it keep it to real-time instead of splicing.


I think this run breaks nothing, and quickloading it is allowed. But after all I will write that I wrote on your comment. I think an issue at once it will be resolved))

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About what cutting you speak, I do the segmented run therefore at the unsuccessful moments I have the full-fledged right so to do. (Believe me, I communicated with people with SpeedDemosArchive, they about such pieces never against) And that completely to convince you how you will react to these runs:
In these videos such manual segments))

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Especially, I cut out the unsuccessful moments, and I don't touch time in any way, I don't fly some moments if you well know game, you could see in my video that I didn't miss any moment. Now I will give one more run with the same situation as at me: It too is forbidden?


here a fragment from rules in SDA:

A run is either single-segment or segmented:
Single-segment: Beats the game in one sitting. Resetting or using save&quits midrun are allowed, but may be a separate category if they speed things up significantly.
Segmented: Uses saves or passwords to play parts of the game individually and then combines the 'segments' into a full run. We may instead host runs of each level in an “Individual Levels” table if the game is split into levels and nothing transfers between them.

Even especially for you, I repeat:
Resetting or using save&quits midrun are allowed, but may be a separate category if they speed things up significantly.


If it's a segmented run, then the leaderboards need a new variable or category to differentiate RTA from segmented runs.


If there are separated categories that are clearly labeled as such then that is fine. As it is, having the main category showcasing this much splicing is really painful to watch. I would be happy to submit to an RTA category if we can get that to happen. No harm in having the (massively) segmented runs in their own place for the sake of seeing what a "perfect" run for that person could be.


If you cut something from your final video - it's segmented.
That's how it is even on SDA, single-segment is game beaten without using loadings, not video that looks like one game.
If you go for RTA you include all loadings and count them towards your final time.

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