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hi, i want to run the xbox version,, can the platform be added please. thank you.

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Hey bud, it might be ideal to make a new board or category seeing as how XBox is a lot different, especially the Co-op. I'd wait until other people chime in though


Hey wayne,

for whatever reason I didn't see you posted your message in the forums, so sorry my answer is a little delayed. In principle, it is possible to have an Xbox-category for the leaderboards. Like the discussion about having seperate Vanilla Doom3 leaderboards ( ), my first call would be: do you have an example run? And are there other runners interested in this? Even if you're the only one for now, it would still be possible, but would have to be discussed a little further.



Hi, i have xbox one and want to try some runs at some point. Console category would be cool to see.

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yeah a console category for xbox would be nice to have. i have it on og xbox the steelcase version and would be great to see the xbox category added. if its added ill submit a run

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