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I've been recording demos with Crispy Doom for a while now, and only today have I analyzed one of my demos in a doom replay editor, and I noticed that the first 2 frames of the run, the input is "WT" (wait, do nothing), regardless of how I played.
I checked a world record run (of E4M3, by Sedlo, not that it should matter) on doomedSDA and they don't have this.

I checked with PrBoom, recording a demo myself, and then, too, I don't have this delay.

So my question is this, is this a known problem with Crispy Doom? Anyone know what might cause this? Can I get rid of it with some settings?

It's kinda hard to run fast if you start running too late....


Did you try using a newer version? Haven't heard of this before.


Apparently this is a known issue. There's a way around it but it requires like 9001 APM which i am not good enough for. And prboom has other issues, like the mouse is all fucky for precise jumps 🙁 sigh got a 9s and 8 frames run (three actually) on E4M3 but it's not looking like i can get an 8s. i'm off by more than 2 frames.