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After a looooooooot of trying I got a 9s run on E1M1, which is tied for the WR (woohoo). How/where do I submit my lump file?

Fastest lmp I can find is Thomas "Panter" Pilger's run on and it's one frame slower than mine (his is 9s and 32 frames, mine is 9s and 31 frames). I don't know if the framecount matters at all?

Thanks to everyone for the help 🙂


Thanks. Kinda weird that I don't have to submit the lmp file but the video of it.
Do frames count at all? Is there any way I can check the framecount of the other 9s runs on

Does Compet-N still exist? Judging from a minute of googling, it seems no.

EDIT: some of the other 9s runs on have included the frames or the hundredths of a second in their video, and I checked that there's a couple people with a frame or 2-3 faster than my run.


Frame count probably stands for something however it's not something that SRC really records unfortunately


Yeah there are actually 3 important doom compititions: competn, dsda,
Dsda and competn require demos, only requires a video.
With competn you have to use original doom exes or cndoom + you can only submit demos that improve upon existing records by the next second. With dsda you can use more source ports and don't have to improve upon existing records to have it submitted. Also with dsda there are a lot more pwads and categories you can run for. Dsda is more active nowadays than competn because of those reasons I think and highly recommended if you want to do demo recording. You usually post you demos in the appropriate thread on

The ultimate doom dsda thread is here:

Make sure to read these:
- (the homepage)


Thanks, very useful! My run got published on as 1st place so im super happy 🙂

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