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Why? That's pointless unless there's a category extensions page, but that still wouldn't make sense.

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Adding a category like that doesn't make sense. Just submit a run without a ladder glitch and then use It when you're more confident. We can't add a category for any single glitch in any speedrun.

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There is absolutely no reason that there isn't a glitchless category. The should ALWAYS be a category for playing the game as the developer intended.


I see no point in adding it since it is such a short run. It already has a huge following and had plenty of places for beginner runners.


It being such a short run is completely irrelevant. I will reiterate. There should ALWAYS....ALWAYS be a category for running a game the way the developer intended.


If you're that passionate about it maybe you should start a petition for it. But the community pretty all agree that the category isn't necessary. Not hating brother arms, just trying to be constructive to your request. Maybe if you really enough people to the cause.


I agree with BrotherAdams... there should always be a glitchless category no matter how short the game is.


The ladder glitch is not that hard, I learned it in like 10 minutes

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There can be a compromise similar to the SMW 11 Exit board where a variable can be added for ladder-glitch or no ladder-glitch. It keeps the board neater and allows users to filter to see who has the top time for each variable. Just a suggestion but I'm fine with the way things are now, too.


The ladder glitch is a trick i learnt in 10 minitues, and taught it in 5. Its probably the easiest thing throgh out the run, there is no reason to make a seperare category. Right now i dont think there should be many seperate categories on donkey kong, because its a small game and focusing on a single category instead of many is beneficial in my opinion. Well, atleast until the WR run got removed and got replaced by a WR from the guy who made there, atleast until then me and some other peeps were motivated, but thats another story. Point is: you can learn the trick and do it, or dont learn it and dont do it, its really easy but even if you cant do it you can just upload a run without it


Exactly. There is absolutely no point to making a new category. It has a huge following and almost all of us that run the game, have no issues with the way it is.


You guys are missing the point. The fact that the ladder glitch is easy to do is completely irrelevant. It'd be like not allowing a 100% category on Super Mario Bros. on the NES because the warp zones are easy to get to.


That's a horrible analogy, BrotherAdams. The difference between completing everything and just doing the fastest route is a lot more than just 1 small glitch. Ladder glitch or no ladder glitch, this is still Any%. Making seperate categories for the 2 would be super arbitrary. It would be more like having an "11 Exit", and an "11 Exit No Orb/Cloud Glitch" in SMW. Pointless. This is what category extensions pages are for, not main boards.

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It's a perfectly valid analogy, because there still ceases to be a glitchless category.

Also...ok fine on the category extensions. Where is the category extension for glitchless?