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I have no trouble doing the glitch but sometimes i die when i get to the top of the screen and I really don't know why.

Can somebody help me?


This just happens, and you can't do anything about it. After failed ladder glitch, just reset your console/emulator and everything will work as it should.


I installed the Japanese version of the game and I don't die anymore


Oh well, I guess that works too. LUL

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The reason for this is because you're resetting the emulator, if you click 'power' instead of 'reset', you should never die while climbing down.


If you are running Classics then yeah a reset will cause you to die, or if you are running Original and lose your first man then you will die on each of your remaining men. Doing a hard reset on Classics would be required to avoid this, or just a soft reset on Original is sufficient.