GBA NES Classics Version
4 years ago
Calgary, AB, Canada

So the other day I was playing some DK and I remembered that there is a GBA port of the NES game! However, based on my understanding of how the ladder glitch works, it is impossible to do it in this version, however, since it is a port of the NES game, it should still be included in this category. Would anyone be willing to start running this category, and, if so, would the mods be willing to add this as a category?


From what I saw, this is just an emulation, not a port. There were actually versions of Donkey Kong, where ladder glitch was impossible, so maybe they used that one in this release. Nonetheless, at first glance, it looks like early, poor quality emulation, hence it should be banned for not being accurate enough (same way as JNes and other bad emulators are treated).

Calgary, AB, Canada

Thank you for clearing that up!

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