Separated Emu's?
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Separated Emu's?

I am not sure. But why don't you play on EMU on the first place?

Massachusetts, USA

It seems like most games treat EMU as a separate category. Maybe it's to be consistent

United States

I would like to hear from the mods on this one.

Manitoba, Canada

Please actually, the moderation team for this game has been extremely quiet. I think its extra stupid because now at the top of leaderboards is a 6-year-old run done on an "emulator" haha. why not separate all systems if you're going to do this.

Manitoba, Canada

Giving this thread a push because "extremely quiet" is now becoming "frustratingly quite."

Manitoba, Canada

choosing to ignore or dont care?

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i just saw this tread a few minutes ago, and i didn't even realized myself before just now that the leaderboards were splits into 2... i have no idea what's the reasoning behind that move, but i do agree that there's no reason for excluding recognized emu, and if some emulators are inaccurate, those ones should be banned instead of treating emu runs differently... but yeah, in the long run, idk, and some ppl might argue that there are good reasons behind that change, so, i'll try to ask around to see what's up with that... ;)

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alright, so, i just want to point out before i say anything that nobody is accused of any wrong doing, so don't panic, nor feel targeted by this measure, but i think i found out what's going on...

so some of you might have heard that in the recent year quite a few runs done on emulator were actually proven to be fake, and the community as a whole is taking this matter really seriously... and as far as i know, proving or disproving the validity of a run is far from being an easy task, but there are ppl working on resolving the issues and many community and moderators are taking preventive measure to protect the integrity of the leaderboards... now, i know how it sounds, and if you have done nothing wrong, then u have nothing to worry about, like just be patient and hope the situation get resolved quickly (i myself do most of my runs on emulator atm, so i'm on the same boat, so i know how u can feel about this)...

but meanwhile, i highly suggest you take every measures available you can to make sure there's no suspicions over the legitimacy of your runs, and that include, obviously, running on actual console if you go for a top time in any popular games, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, streaming your attempts, or at least keep a recording of your last session where you got your PB so that ppl can see your skill level and be able to judge if you're actually capable of making the run you've submitted... in other words, the rules that apply for SMB1 submissions might very well become the norm in the near future, so be prepare, cuz as they say, better be safe than sorry...

now, what's gonna happen, idk, but this is all the info i could gather on the situation and all the advise i can give you guys, so i hope it helped, tho i can understand your disappointment and frustration with the current situation...

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Hey everyone, after talking a lot and we have decided to change the ruleset for this game (be sure to read them before submitting a run or it will be rejected). This is the only thing we can do to prevent people from cheating (again, no one is accused, we're just doing this after finding out that some emulator runs were, in fact, pre-recorded movies).

I will proceed on merging the leaderboards again as soon as possible.

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Manitoba, Canada

thank you for responding and dealing with this in a professional manner. I'll take a look at the new rules. let me know if I can provide anything that 100% proves the legitimacy of my run, as it is breaking a few of the rules, sorry.

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Old runs are ok of course, rules apply for the new submissions. Like i said, we aren't accusing anyone, but too many leaderboards had emulator movie issues. Last one was Yoshi's island yesterday and Ninja Gaiden III two days ago.

Śląskie, Poland

Wjhy my emu run (1m08s) was deleted? I know it was recorded before the rules were set and the emulator window is not visible, but WR emu window is not visible either

this was my run from a year ago

I want it back on the leaderboards

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probably i forgot to move it because there were so many runs. So it's just a mistake and i will re-add it. If any one notices that some runs are missing pls let me know.

And btw..."i want it back"...i don't take orders...ok? tnx

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