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General thread to discuss leaderboard status.

Currently things that are being looked into:

- Time attack has more than 5 difficulties but they appear to be unlockable. Currently I can't find any information anywhere as to how they are unlocked, and I myself have only unlocked one additional difficulty randomly while playing versus with friends.

- Story mode takes place in a very weird manner, with chapters/episodes unlocking in what appear to be an arbitrary order. Suggestions are welcome as to how to define it as a speedrun.

- Quest mode is long and tedious. I doubt there would be interest in a speedrun of it, but if so, would it be any star or 3 star? this would need to be discussed at some point.


So having spent some time with the game so far...

Time Attack -
I haven't unlocked any Time Attack so, unsure how it's unlocked yet but, it'll be figured out eventually. Maybe adding how to unlock it in the Rules as a note could help someone who doesn't know? Unless they turn out to be pretty straight forward to unlock.

Story -
So the Episodes in Story mode appear to unlock in relation to what was done / being done in the current Episode you're doing, if that makes sense? Tho I do agree it's a bit hectic, and once we finish Story mode once, we won't have that unlock order anymore anyways.

My best suggestion for Story Mode is some kind of All Fights Run, since people will be skipping cutscenes to save time, the Story order doesn't really matter? You could do just do all the Main Story Fights, Then Marie Rose, Then Bayman etc.

Don't know if a forced Order would be needed or not. Though if they bounce around a ton, it could be confusing to keep track when approving runs. Also they could like start with the "final boss" fight, and then run through the rest, that might look weird?

Another thing to consider is are they adding more chapters with DLC? Nyotengu has some, I didn't get the Digital Deluxe but I assume Phase 4 did as well. There would need to be some kind of cut off to ensure runs done now, would be valid in the future when there is more content?

Granted I don't actually see myself running a Story Mode run personally, but just giving ideas. Maybe someone actually interested could bounce some better ones.

DOA Quest -
So haven't touched this yet but, looking at it... An any and 3 star run makes sense, though we'd have to see how popular it is to really known if both categories would be needed? Maybe just have an Any Star run for now, and if there are people running it, try out the idea of a 3 star run?

Also similar concern to Story, will they be adding more Quests with DLC and such? Cause that would make runs down now invalid in the future.

Oh also, a thing we could run here is possibly a # of Stars run? Like fastest to 30 Stars, 50 Stars, 100 stars or wtv. This would by pass the new quests added through updates issue, while also allowing for some kind of mapping and run planning? Like knowing which missions are quick and give easy stars and doing those instead of longer ones? Though this would be ideal if a new account / save was used each time to keep the star counter on the menu kept up to date.

I dunno random ideas lol

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Welp, for Story mode runs,maybe could be better when All is unlocked, so we can separate in two categories:

Main Story: Only the main story fights
All Fights: All the fights.

But both categories ended with Raidou Battle