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Devil May Cry 3 was widely praised by critics, hailing it as a return to form for the series, yet did receive some criticisms for its high level of difficulty in the North American version. This was later addressed by the release of the rebalanced Special Edition of the game.[4][5]. The game was reā€released in 2006 as Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition[b] retooled difficulty levels, the addition of mid-mission checkpoints, "GOLD mode", and Vergil as a playable character. Combined sales of both versions were over 2.3 million and garnering a review aggregate score of 88% on Gamerankings. It has been cited as one of the greatest video games of all time.

Easy = Normal
Normal = Hard
Hard = Very Hard
DMD = Super DMD (SE Cut Super DMD later)

As i meme run with Tedverse before in 4 Hour with No Turbo and Gold Exist

I dont Sure That it need it own Leaderbroad or not Due to How Diffrent it was lol (Just Need Permission)


There is currently no category for the original DMC3: Dante's Awakening, which is weird since DMC4 has different leaderboards for both the original and SE.

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4SE had shitton of changes to the main game.
4SE gets often sales, whereas v4 does not.
Nobody ran 3DA, and there's barely any evidences/repacks on torrents that you can find 3DA.

If you want to run 3DA, feel free to do so, but i doubt lbs will be created.

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I went and talked to Ted - he said that he ran 3DA was because that's the only one they had in the shop he got his copy from, since he's running original hardware.
He's persistent in running that 'till he dies and/or everyone starts running the PS2 categories (whichever comes first)
Everyone is running with Turbo On, so I doubt there'll be a lot of competition.

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Sad New... SE version still exist in ps2 version if someone just bring that version to run ps2... 3DA is over (No Chance) it need leaderbroad to be fair for itself.
It dont Had Turbo and Gold that the reason...


Finaly 3DA got Justice! O^O (Case Closed)