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So the TL;DR is this:

-All runs now require an RTA timer to displayed (Livesplit, console stream timer, etc.)
-PC runs require input displays (gamepad viewer, nohboard, etc.)

Truth be told, we probably should have implemented these changes after the cheating scandal with Snawk, but another WR submission came up recently wherein the runner not only ignored our "WR submission requires Twitch vod" rule but, similar to Snawk, had no RTA timer being displayed nor an input display. So now our hand has basically been forced to require this from all runners, veteran and new alike. Unfortunate that it's come to this but it is what it is. All runs that were verified prior to this rule change will be grandfathered in, so no need to worry about your previous PBs. But moving forward this is the standard we'll all be held to pretty much indefinitely.

Here's some links to input displays:

Gamepad Viewer

Here's some links to timers:
Livesplit (recommended)


Here's an example of some layouts from maxy and myself.



You don't even necessarily have to have splits like we do; an overall timer will suffice.

That's about it. Much love, everyone.

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better late than never