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I will ask the opinion of anyone interested by this speedgame, but more particulary to all the runners (even old DMD runners).

I already removed some useless categories (OF, low% and any% (segemented)), not enough interest or run moved.

Very important for easy-auto runners (Zetta or CriscoWild please answer me), my opinion about easy dificulty in any game is, that should not exist, but I can understand, you run on this dificulty because this is the fastest mode, but not at all for DMC, if I just compare normal and easy time, so unless you think you can beat the normal time, I just want to remove this dificulty of the leaderboard beacause I don't understand the interest to run an easier and slower dificulty.

Next is about the main category, now it's the completion, but in 100% there is only two runs, I think it would be better if it's the difficulty (17 runs on normal, 9 runs on DMD) this is more equitable.

First sub-categorie would be the completion.
And as a second sub-categorie, we can either put the costume (Dante, LDK or Super Dante) either put the version (SD console, HD console or PC) either no second sub-category (only as variable).

We will see later for miscellaneous category.

Last thing, about the Maxylobes's last change, make visible the RTA, because the game has a reliable IGT, I don't understand why we need to show the RTA, when I run, during an intermission, i will not hurry me, because the timer is programaticaly stoped.

That's all for now, waiting for yours answers, and thanks for reading.

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For those whom missed the controversy and drama that was in discord earlier today - I would hold off on answering for now until shit is sorted out quite frankly


I run easy auto, as I enjoy playing easy auto. Yes it probably isn’t quite as fast as the WR for normal (I’m so sorry for not being as good at this game as you....)

But I enjoy running this mode, and don’t see why it should be deleted just because it’s a little bit slower than normal. It’s not doing any harm as a category, and doesn’t impact the runs on normal mode.

People could use it as a gateway to playing normal mode...

So in conclusion, don’t get rid of easy mode please, as some people actually enjoy it!

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Thanks Zetta for your answer, we will not remove the easy category, I just would to know what was your and Crisco real reason you run this dificulty.

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Ok cool stuff, got a bit worried there! Yea I do easy because me and my friend regularly race it irl, and it’s the mode I enjoy most. I’ve dabbled in normal and it’s a lot more complicated and harder to get good times for me. Again, it’s just more fun.

Thanks for the response

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It seems the consensus on the DMC discord that was in favor of the changes, @0_yami_0. When it comes disagreements among moderators, the staff usually goes in favor of the community.

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Me too i don't understand why show the RTA, we always taken in the first place the IGT so why show the RTA ?
and for the romaster2 said "the staff usually goes in favor of the community"
im agree for the people give their opinion but i don't know why it should be a majority of people who doesn't even run the game who would make the decisions,
me too i can ask ten of my friends to come and say the same thing as me and we will be the majority so this argument is not valid for this situation


Ya thats fair, he's likely talking about me. GUILTY!
I am in the process of learning Lament of Innocence for PS2 which is my first 3D title, I have my eyes set on DMC1 afterwards and started asking questions in discord already. Give it 2-3 months and you'll prob see my name on the board.
But sure, I can understand how that may come off as ignorant from my side - fair game.


The staff usually go in favor of the community, yes. The community that has gathered on Discord, and have been talking for months. The community that you, Mr. Snawk, and Yami, have ignored. You two are standing alone against a bunch of people who run and/or ran the game, AND people who plan to start in the next few months. I have asked none of my friends or community members from other discords or Twitch. I simply asked everyone in the DMC discord and everyone seems to think that you two are the only ones stopping us from moving forward with these decisions as a community.

Your arguments come down to, "I don't understand why" and "This category is useless" and "RTA isn't important"
These aren't arguments, they are statements and opinions.

You don't understand because you are out of touch with our community. You think the categories are useless because there aren't enough runners. You think RTA isn't important because the game conveniently stops the timer for you, when in reality, you're still playing the game. You are not programmed to stop just because the game is.

Myself and the community should not have to explain this to you two over and over again. It's enough.

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