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The miscommunication and clashing has been put to rest, and the situation has been resolved. The community can come together and make some final decisions before the leaderboard is complete, and Yami is remodded. Please take a moment to read the updates in this google form, as well as answer the questions. Thanks!

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I dont personally care about Low% - its a small community and a very meme category, I dont PERSONALLY need to see it displayed. But if someone all of a sudden were to give a shit and wants to run it then whom am I to say "F that!" ? If someone really wants to then I'd just put it under misc.
Generally speaking though, any% and 100% is enough for "main" categories - and even those we have trouble filling up with runners as it is..

As for RTA 100% - Im not familiar with the run in that great of a detail atm so right now im not the best person to speak about it. But I think everyone should include RTA in modern speedrunning nonetheless, we dont live in the jurassic era anymore. It's also a good precaution on the off chance we might switch to it as main timer in the distant future once more runners pour in - you never know.
Either way I don't think its much effort for anyone wanting to run the game to actually include a timer - Potato PC users or lazy asses might complain. Its not like RTA timer is required for Lament of Innocence that im currently running, but I'm still using it and submitting my RTA time even though IGT is the main for that title.

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Low% doesn't matter to me. Unless there's a sudden interest and people start running it.


I've gone ahead and changed everything based on the results of the form.
Thank you all for your input. Now let's rock, baby.