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hi i was wondering if we can have a new game + category for all difficulties, like timer will start on a save file or something like that. i think it would be great because im interested in doing one


All I can say is that this suggestion have been discussed in the discord, the community is divided when it comes to the idea both in practice for how such a run would look like and differ from the regular any% route, as well as the questionable interest for how many people would genuinely care. Feel free to join the discord to take part of these conversations, I know cosmic have looked into this recently.

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This is kind of a point of contention atm, like Xen said. The general problem with NG+ categories in DMC games not named DMC5 is that the run becomes a big joke because of abuse of the currency system. This allows you to just use tons of holy waters and devil stars to powerhouse your way through the game and not really have to do anything interesting. However, that does mean we could see how fast this game COULD be given no restrictions.

Here's a run I did with no items in ng+ for proof of concept, and tbh i had a lot of fun doing it.

At the time I made this, there was discussion surrounding the category but because of the split in how it should be ruled, we all kind of just agreed to disagree and leave the matter at that. There's also not enough general interest there to garner making it a new cata, especially for all costumes and difficulties.

To summarize

Pros are basically:
-Access to all weapons + movement tech from start
-More health and dt
-No need to deal with mission ranks
-Can be the fastest category easily

-to be interesting it has to be restricted

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I more lean to the NG+ no restrictions side of the debate.
But either way there isn’t much interest in either rn.

But feel free to make a run as proof of concept!

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