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Hello! I have some questions about this leaderboard and the run on it.

1) Platforms

I was wondering if there is a reason only Game Boy Colour and the 3DSVC are the only valid platforms? Most GB boards accept the following platforms: GBC, GBA, GBP, SGB2, GB, GBI (And sometimes SGB, if time are converted)

2) Rules

No start and stop times are listed; and without a video to reference, new runners have no start and stop times to compare to.
In addition, it would be great if the rules could specify accepted and banned emulators
The accepted GB emu rules being:
Use of Visualboy Advance / Visual Boy Advance-M (VBA / VBA-M) in any variation IS BANNED since it emulates GB games inaccurately. Runs on the following emulators are accepted: BGB and Gambatte.
Please include the name and version of emulator in the description.

As well as informing people about the issues with SGB1 if you choose to accept it:
-If you play on the original Super Game Boy (SGB), please submit your run with a coverted time ( This is because the SGB uses the clock speed of the SNES, not the GB, and runs 2.4% faster (

3) The current WR run.

Currently there is no video for this run, after some searching though I do believe that this is the run being referred to:

Given that this is a VBA run; and that the poster themselves states that: "Because this was done on VBA I don't consider this an official time" and " This is an overpowered time for sure"

Assuming that that is the run in question, I believe that this run should not really be listed on the leaderboard. With no video, and known emulation advantages there is little value or accuracy to it. The run is also mislabeled as console, when it does appear to be an emu run.

So I was wondering if you could be willing to add rules, state legal emulators, add the missing platforms, and comment on what you think about the current WR it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for hearing me out.

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