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What if there was another category where you speedrun a file completion. Which is get all KONG letters and beat every level, collect all puzzle pieces for each level, get all gold medals for each level in time attack, and then all levels in mirror mode.
Timing starts when selecting player count on the main menu
Timing ends when KONG star, puzzle piece, gold medal, and mirror icons are all shown in the file you started with.
This sounds like a long speedrun to do (which it is), but this could be another challenge for the dkcr community.

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This has been discussed before in the Four Medals% thread, but since then Leah decided to do just this, completing the run in 10:05:59. There is no recording of this, and she stated it was the worst run she's ever decided to do, so we might never see a recorded run of the category. Also, the run had a 20-minute break after puzzle pieces, so sub 10 was barely missed.

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Maybe if I have the time to I might do it


all I can say is that you need to be good enough to complete mirror mode and shiny gold time attacks at all, let alone doing that for all 71 levels fast enough without getting drained completely (+ if you don't know where the majority of the puzzle pieces are then that section will easily take five hours or more)

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I know how hellish hard this might be so I understand no one being able to play (and record) it for 10+ hours straight. But the category itself should certainly be created, even if to stay empty for a while (or forever). Something along the lines of "All Collectables", "True 100%", "True 200%". Many games here have empty categories and that's okay. The mere existence could be an incentive for people to try and accomplish it.

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