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Is there any interest in a levels based leaderboard (like DK1/Deeper Dungeons has) on the in game timer like other popular speed running games have (e.g GoldenEye)?

I would be interested in submitting runs to such a leaderboard and would happily run some tests on the integrity of the in game timer (fall back being standard recording rules if its not accurate in all situations). This would be on the GOG version to keep it accessible and remove the need to hunt for specific patches for anyone that wants to compete.



Here are some quick tests on the in game timer for the game, each test was conducted using a 20 second stopwatch before using the "Do Not Fear The Reaper" cheat to complete the first level. I started the 20 seconds from the moment the Dungeon Heart was visible so the extra second appears to come from skipping the cinematic and some ~1 second mismatches due to user error/timing.

Watch Opening Level Cinematic (400%) 1:57
Watch Horny Collect Gem (400%) 1:28
No cinematics 400% Speed 1:28
No cinematics 300% Speed 1:07
No cinematics 200% Speed 0:43
No cinematics 100% Speed 0:22
No cinematics 50% Speed 0:11

From the above it's clear that the opening level cinematic/introduction does count towards the game timer. The timer appears to end the moment you win the level with Horny collecting the gem not impacting game time.

Biggest thing of note is that game speed has a direct impact on game time, at 100% it is effectively "real time".

Thus if there is interest in a level based leaderboard the decision will have to be made to follow the real time based timing (as the full game leaderboard does currently which means running at anything lower than 400% is not optimal) or to run off the in game timer instead which would allow for better optimisation of levels as they can be played at low speeds (e.g. 25-100%).

I think the in game timer for level based leaderboard would be interesting to see what perfectly optimised level limits are while keeping the full game leaderboard at real time (and thus 400% speed basically required) because it feels more like a speedrun for the full game!


For those interested I've started uploading level completions to my YouTube channel running at the traditional 400% speed to align with the full game runs.

I did play around with some perfectly optimised runs at 25% but it just didn't feel like a speedrun despite often saving several seconds!


Whoa hi there. If I was a mod I'd whip up individual levels! That would be fun!


I love the initiative!

I have very little experience when it comes to DK2, if anyone of you would want to, I'd gladly mod you in order to make this happen?


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I mean there's also the discussion to be had what is regarded TAS and not. If you, in the video editing phase, respeed the run, it'll be a very nice TAS version. Which is also more fun to watch for a potential viewer.