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Alright, so after testing a lot of alternatives for the PC version of this game, there's an alternative that we'd like to bring.

There's a program called dgVoodoo that has a lot of W98 x86 DLL files that can be integrated in old games that require them.

It works with modern OS like Windows 10

Download it here http:/​/​dege.​freeweb.​hu/​

Just put them in the .exe folder of the game and it fixed the crashes

Since almost everyone are having random crashes of this game (like for example at the Triceratops section) this would give an air to this port. To the mods the question is, this would be accepted? Anything you need, don't hesitate to ask here 😃

PD: This contribution was done by @Se3cretSe3cret


Update: The person who managed in developing some DLLs for fixing RE1 PC is also working in something similar for Dino Crisis 2 PC, so far the results are awesome.



Yes Julian, it worked fine on win 10 and I'd love to run the game if the mods accept the solution, and possibly more runners will get interested in running the game as well.

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I never had crashes on PC version but a lot of people does.
If the patch can help someone...
The real problem of the PC version is the game's speed, not always the same. Idk if it can fix it

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We could do some series of tests if you're agreed with this, i know we have the same stuff of the PC speed is having different framerates but well, everything comes to you and Dodi as mods, we're opened to anything that is needed.

As far as i remember, the IGT of the game is based in the framerate of the game (same as RE2 from other forum threads opened here) So that shouldn't be a problem after all.

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Julian redirected me here, wasn't aware that other people knew about this trick. I suspect the reason why this fix actually works isn't due to hardware compatibility, but memory usage. Made a little fix myself via DLL magic like for RE1-2 and it works fine without dgVodoo, which is still a work in progress since it also tries to rewrite entirely from scratch the controller/keyboard handling. I'll post an update here when I can get back to you guys with a more satisfactory solution, as dgVoodoo tends to hog performance quite a bit and doesn't provide a real fix for minimize&restore or screen mode switching.


Nice @GeminiLobotoGeminiLoboto thank you so much for your contributions to the game, pretty excited about the patch you're working on, please let us know when you make some progress, cheers!