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Alright, so after testing a lot of alternatives for the PC version of this game, there's an alternative that we'd like to bring.

There's a program called dgVoodoo that has a lot of W98 x86 DLL files that can be integrated in old games that require them.

It works with modern OS like Windows 10

Download it here http:/​/​dege.​freeweb.​hu/​

Just put them in the .exe folder of the game and it fixed the crashes

Since almost everyone are having random crashes of this game (like for example at the Triceratops section) this would give an air to this port. To the mods the question is, this would be accepted? Anything you need, don't hesitate to ask here 😃

PD: This contribution was done by @Se3cretSe3cret


Update: The person who managed in developing some DLLs for fixing RE1 PC is also working in something similar for Dino Crisis 2 PC, so far the results are awesome.



Yes Julian, it worked fine on win 10 and I'd love to run the game if the mods accept the solution, and possibly more runners will get interested in running the game as well.

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I never had crashes on PC version but a lot of people does.
If the patch can help someone...
The real problem of the PC version is the game's speed, not always the same. Idk if it can fix it

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We could do some series of tests if you're agreed with this, i know we have the same stuff of the PC speed is having different framerates but well, everything comes to you and Dodi as mods, we're opened to anything that is needed.

As far as i remember, the IGT of the game is based in the framerate of the game (same as RE2 from other forum threads opened here) So that shouldn't be a problem after all.

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Julian redirected me here, wasn't aware that other people knew about this trick. I suspect the reason why this fix actually works isn't due to hardware compatibility, but memory usage. Made a little fix myself via DLL magic like for RE1-2 and it works fine without dgVodoo, which is still a work in progress since it also tries to rewrite entirely from scratch the controller/keyboard handling. I'll post an update here when I can get back to you guys with a more satisfactory solution, as dgVoodoo tends to hog performance quite a bit and doesn't provide a real fix for minimize&restore or screen mode switching.

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Nice @GeminiLobotoGeminiLoboto thank you so much for your contributions to the game, pretty excited about the patch you're working on, please let us know when you make some progress, cheers!


@666Deadhunter666Deadhunter other stuff that has been working on is an autosplitter for the PC version of the game, with that we could take the leaderboards completely based in IGT and without unfair reasons of RTA since the framerate is broken while the patch is being developed. This could work as Resident Evil 2 PC which is the clear example of weird frame jumps.

So far the progress is that the autosplitter is done for the JPN version and we're working on for the USA version. Anything you have it or any concerns please let us know.


Autosplitter added to the resource section, everything is explained in the video of how to attach it to the game.

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Hey guys ! Sorry for being so long to respond, lot of work and not enough time for speedrun stuff 😃
Nice job for the patch ! I didn't have time to test it. Does it fix the timer problem ? If it does, is it necessary to use auto-splitter to put the leaderboard in full IGT ?
Auto-splitter can be a nice tool but I don't want to force people to use it for speedrun the game. There is not a lot of people who submit runs (including in console or emu categories) so if it's not necessary to use auto-splitter it's better.
But I'm glad that you guys made that job and add new tools and ressources, Dino 2 community still alive !

PS : Don't worry if I don't respond immediately but I still checking everything.
PS2 : My english is bad, so if you don't understand anything tell me, I'll try to re formulate ^^

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@666Deadhunter666Deadhunter The patch will fix the problem related to not starting the game with other program. Could be done something like limit the fps making the game stable for most of the PCs.

About using the autosplitter: That would help you a lot since the game is based in the same IGT of RE2 PC where the mods made it mandatary for not abusing of the low FPS and no spliced runs, this will help you tracking and verifying better the runs done on PC.

Mandatory autosplitter
- The autosplitter will be mandatory for PC runs and it's easy to configurate it for anyone. I shared a video that we use for RE2 done by @StevenMayteStevenMayte who explains easily how to set it in Livesplit
- Console and emulator runs won't be attached to the mandatory autosplitter.

Current runs submitted without autosplitter
- In my opinion we could have the rule applying after the point you're agreed with this. Current runs submitted on PC (Hard, Normal, etc.) won't be affected with the rule. Just the runs submitted after this is evaluated and accepted (If that happens)

Let us know your thoughts. 😃

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Hi, @666Deadhunter666Deadhunter thanks so much for listening to the community suggestions, as @JulianJulian said:
1. The patch will help with various issues the PC game has(however guys we should notice that this patch
is being developed for the Jap version, as I far as I know it doesn't work with the US version I'd love if @GeminiLobotoGeminiLoboto could elaborate on that).
2. I agree with Julian that the auto splitter would make things way easier for PC runs, for both the runners and mods, so to have it as a mandatory rule since it's accepted would be a plus for the community.
3. I agree that the previous rule would only apply for future runs so the runs already accepted will remain the same and in their due spots on the leaderboards.


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Ok, so the patch doesn't work for us version actually ? But maybe in the future. That would be cool !
For the autosplitter, runners can use it or not, as they want. Personnaly I don't need it to judge if a run is ok or not (and I don't have a lot of runs to watch so...).
But I still ask for a RTA timer for every run and in every category (even if the leaderboard is ruled by IGT)


Sorry to bump the thread, didn't realize it was updated with questions for me. To answer about version support, I'm currently patching the SourceNext Japanese version, which should be the most updated, even tho the executable doesn't seem to differ much from what the other versions have, but still makes patching both executables impossible with the same code. If you're worried about language, I'm looking into a solution to make the game translate to English as usual.
As for the patch itself, it seems like this game is plagued with weird issues of all sorts, including a crash right at the end before you can save a cleared game. It's gonna be bumpy I guess. 😖

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Hello, everybody.
I don't know if this thread is supposed to buy closed, but I would like to ask if there is any progress on this famous compatibility patch and to report some compatibility troubles I just had today.
So, I play the game on a Windows 7 PC with a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and the dgVoodoo patch to make the game actually run. The latest Nvidia driver update, version 445.75 released on 03/23/2020, seems to break the game, making it automatically crash on startup.
I managed to rollback to the latest compatible driver version, which should be 442.74, and I'll disable updates for now. Just wanted to warn you about the issue 🙂



@NazzarenoNazzareno I had a similar episode, too. Unfortunately trying to run the PC version (even patched with DgVoodoo) is totally random. I don't run the PC version due to wrong IGT and for absurd technical problems.
The only thing to do is waiting for the release of classic rebirth patch for DC2.
Also because thanks to this patch, the new frame rate will be 30 fps during gameplay and loading times and 60 fps into menus.
So... it will be necessary to add a new category for all those whom will use the classic rebirth patch.

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Well, I had the same problem... Few times... And there is one decision which is working for me (this method is going to Nvidia cause I don't have ATI or AMD GPU)/

1. Load your PC with a monitor connected to motherboard VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc...
2. Delete driver on your graphics card.
3. Setup quite an old driver (well, new drivers are not working with DC2 because they are containing a special option "Game FPS" which is breaking DC2). I have a 419.67. It could be found on older releases in official Nvidia site.
4. Reload the PC and connect your monitor to GPU.
5. Game must be working (but speed can be slow).

Good luck 🙂

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The dgVoodoo site has been down for a week or so for me.
Is anyone else having difficulty reaching the following domain? http:/​/​dege.​freeweb.​hu/​

Please could anyone assist with obtaining dgVoodoo?


I only get a blank, white webpage. This happens to me in multiple different browsers and on different computers.